Meet Our Staff

Judy Graff founded Paralegal Resource Center, Inc. in 1986 after working as a real estate paralegal for 3½ years. She saw a need in the marketplace for a professional and reliable source of temporary legal staffing and knew that her practical experience within the legal profession made her uniquely qualified to offer such services.

Judy understands the practice of law and thus grasps immediately what firms are looking for when they seek to hire (on whatever basis) an attorney or a paralegal. With over 20 years of experience within the legal staffing industry, Judy continues to oversee the day-to-day operations of Paralegal Resource Center, Inc.

Benefits of working with PRC

Screening and Interviewing

All Paralegal Resource Center, Inc. (PRC) candidates are thoroughly screened and personally interviewed prior to our referral of any candidate for employment.


We follow up on employment references by speaking personally to the references on the telephone, both locally and out of state, to ensure candidates’ quality and past performance.


We are legal professionals placing legal professionals. Paralegal Resource Center, Inc. brings to you over 20 years of experience in the legal profession and the staffing industry. Our computerized database can assist us in finding any particular set of skills from over thousands of potential candidates.


Our billing rates vary depending upon the level of experience needed and the type of work to be performed. We make every attempt to pay our staff the highest amount possible while still providing our clients reasonable and competitive rates.

Insurance and taxes

Paralegal Resource Center, Inc. is fully insured. We carry errors and omissions coverage, workers’ compensation and unemployment insurance, as well as pay local, state and federal taxes for our staff.


All Paralegal Resource Center, Inc. candidates sign a comprehensive agreement pertaining to ethics, professionalism, and confidentiality in the workplace.


Paralegal Resource Center, Inc. guarantees client satisfaction by sending employers only the most qualified candidates available. We are fully confident in the skills and abilities of everyone we send to a prospective employer.

About Our Clients

Paralegal Resource Center, Inc. currently assists law firms and corporations within the greater Denver area and along the Front Range. Most of our clients are located in downtown Denver; however, we have several clients near the Denver Tech Center, as well as near Boulder and other northern communities.

We work with some of the largest, most prestigious law firms along Seventeenth Street in downtown Denver. We also assist mid-size firms, as well as small firms and sole practitioners.

In addition, Paralegal Resource Center, Inc. works with some of the largest in-house legal departments and corporations in Colorado. Many of our clients are leaders in their respective industries. A representative sampling of industries includes aerospace, real estate, computers, telecommunications, transportation, and cable.

PRC Denver can help you with staffing for attorneys, paralegals, legal secretaries or other legal office personnel.

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